Lights will guide you home

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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When a little ray of hope brings sunshine into the dark room of despair…..

You shouldn’t expect too much from that light. It’s just a fake relief in those moments of helplessness. It is just a respite in the journey towards your doom. The hope is not some kind of elixir that would take you out of the abyss.

The warm air would not help you rise above the pool of miseries. The despair and grief has long ago, extinguished the fire that had acted as your killing instinct.

Hopelessness has paralyzed your body and mind but when it gets too dark then

Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I’ll try to fix you”

(Words taken from a song by COLDLAY)

The bright helping hand which gives you the power to rise up and above the abyss disappears soon.

As if it was nothing more than just a mere illusion, a mirage ….a disbelief that anyone can ever help you because it is all about using your inner energy to heal yourself.

  1. Animesh says:

    Some concepts of phil..of life..Gud one

  2. Divya aggarwal says:

    Hey!! awesome yaar…u always inspire n amuse me wid ur ideas….

    its ineresting 2 read such a variety of thoughts…keep goin buddy…gr8 job!!

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